Monday, March 03, 2008

Block of Words

Bryce sat down with a beer and chips to write something. Anything. He has had a bit of writer’s block lately, but he felt like getting something out. Maybe it would help with the block.

I have to say first that beer and chips aren’t Bryce’s snack preference for writing. He prefers a warm drink, but I think he was just too lazy to prepare one at home or go out into the ever colder weather of Milwaukee today. If you really want to know…he is drinking a Stella Artois (from the bottle) and eating Mission tortilla chips (from a bowl) and since it is after 12, he feels okay about drinking one beer right now…even if he is by himself.

Bryce is mulling over several blog ideas right now. He feels he should post something about the primaries tomorrow since his blog has been increasingly political in the last couple of months. He is not going to post something long though because he told me he would rather just wait until after tomorrow to talk about what happens. He can’t help telling me that he has read somewhere that if Hillary only wins Ohio tomorrow that the Clintons will act like they have “regained the presidency.” Bryce told me he agrees with that statement. He thinks Hillary will win Ohio tomorrow and perhaps other states that she is now not favored to win. Either way, Bryce wants to say that tomorrow will be another overall victory for Obama, but the race will go on. This is a very easy prediction to make. Bryce is no expert, only the master of the obvious in the political realm.

There is the issue of health. Bryce doesn’t recall recently sharing about his health on his blog. Unlike politics, that is a separate post, but one that will be good to write. It should be up within a week.

Last week, Bryce begged Kate to see There Will Be Blood with him. There wasn’t much convincing needed. They rushed to the theater and smuggled in some Jimmie Johns subs. There will be a post on the movie later, but if you haven’t seen it, Bryce recommends it. Even if you don’t like the movie, Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance is worth seeing.

He tells me he is tired of writing this way. Maybe his writing block is gone. We will see.

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