Friday, February 29, 2008

$12 Million an Hour

If you listen to McCain give a speech there are a few threads that you will hear again and again, his talking points. One of them being his strong stance on pork barrel spending. He wishes to end it and he often sites the Gravina Island Bridge, but he calls it by its nickname, the "bridge to nowhere." The Wikipedia article estimates the bridge construction at $398 million. A Jonathan Alter piece in this week's Newsweek estimates the bridge construction at $233 million. The difference in number isn't relevant for what I wish to share, but some background information helps.

Alter's article covered the scope of what an Obama/McCain match-up might see in terms of arguments. One line that struck me: "The $233 million Alaska "bridge to nowhere" that McCain complains about incessantly is equal to less than 18 hours in Iraq."

Mull that one over.

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