Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Dark Ages

I got home tonight and wanted to put an old journal entry up on the blog. My first journal starts in 1998. I flipped through that journal which brings me to 2001. I couldn't narrow the choices of entries down to one. Frankly, I am pretty embarrassed about what I wrote on many occasions.

The Dark Ages arrived with my journey into high school. My journalistic endeavors started at girls and ended at girls. I would give a shallow description of who I thought was going to be my next girlfriend. There are a few girls listed, but I would only classify two of them as girlfriends in high school. There was one that I just kept going back to, it was pathetic. And through my frustrations with that girl, I found the next one in which I was venting to the whole time.

The point of this blog is to not expand on my rough spot with the ladies, but to say that I knew I had to go through all that. The ugly streak followed me into college until my second year. Many questions and answers later, I came out from under the cloud and realized that I shouldn't concern myself with finding the right woman. For a long time I thought it was my job to pursue that dream. It took years for me to realize that God doesn't want it that way. He showed me the love of my life when He thought I was ready. And for a while I thought that "ready" was a state of enlightenment in which I could stay in for the rest of my life -- not having to further my faith.
Indeed, God blessing me with Kate has been a testament to the faith I have in Him, but it will certainly not be the last blessing and it won't be the grand testament of my faith. I aim for that to be an eternal party with Jesus. Holla!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Radio and Wal-Mart

I do value silence for many reasons, but one of them is to get away from the rotting and repetitive cycle of songs, accompanied by horrible comments from DJs, on the radio. I started to wonder the other day after hearing someone call up and request a I know anyone that calls up a radio station and requests a song? No. I don't know anyone. I have never known anyone that has called up a radio station to request a song, something, by the way, that is completely worthless to do. Radio stations have little or no variety these days and so they play back the recording of the request by phone. The caller almost always says, "Can you play (fill in song that they were already going to play within the hour here)?" And the DJ always responds, "I think I can do that." WHAT? Why do they say that...I don't think the requests are flying in and I bet they are required to play requests as long as they are on that radio station's current playlist. I love how the DJ's response makes them sound like it is a task they are going to toil through. What a joke.

The distaste I have with Wal-Mart was expressed on this blog in April...I think. Well, I had to pick something up there for my Mom last week. It was a prescription that was for me actually -- Mom paid for it. Usually, we go through a different pharmacy to get prescriptions, but I had to get it quick and the Doc called it into the pharmacy at Wal-Mart. I hadn't been inside the Longmont Wal-Mart for over two years and what a delight that had been until last week. In those two years I had forgotten the terrible agony I must go through when walking through a Wal-Mart that isn't a Supercenter -- people walk so pathetically slow in this store. The aisles aren't wide enough to make the easy pass, like in the Supercenters. I can crawl faster than the patrons of this store. You could blindfold me and I would make better progress in a Wal-Mart if I could walk my own pace. I don't know why people slow down...I really don't. I am not always in a rush, but I do like walking at the pace at which I am comfortable. Call me cruel, judgmental, or whatever you want, but I know the average walking speed of the average Wal-Mart patron would be greatly increased if that same patron shed on average 20 pounds. If this happened, the Wal-Mart waddle could now be designated as a walk. However, you know how I already feel about this store, and a good fast walk through it isn't going to change a thing.