Monday, March 03, 2008

The Last Class

Props are due to my boys in Laramie.

The 2008 Mountain West Conference Championships in swimming took place last week. The men finished third and missed second place by less than 15 points. This was a very impressive finish for them. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it, but I am so proud of those guys.

I feel a nostalgic attachment to the seniors of this year’s team. They are the last class of swimmers at Wyoming that I was in the pool with. In a way, I feel like I went to war with them, albeit just for one year, because we sweat blood together in the pool, on the stadium stairs, on the runs, and in the weight room.

It has been fun following their progress as Cowboys over the last three years. Momentarily, I yearn to be back in their presence, together again in that brotherhood. But instead I watch from afar, proud as ever to say that I own a shred of that elite club in Laramie.

Way to go, Cowboys.

Photo: (Trevor Brown, Jr./NCAA Photos)

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