Friday, July 01, 2005

Here's to the Cause

Not all too long ago I was attracted by the yellow "LIVESTRONG" bracelets many people were wearing. If I could wear one and know that the money I spent on it went toward supporting cancer...then heck, why not? I mean, everyone who is wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet or any other bracelet is wearing it for the cause, right? WRONG. Everyone has got one, be it yellow, pink, red, black, purple, green, or gray. And everyone has got a cause they are supporting. Take a look around. We now have almost every D1 college putting out there own band in school colors. I can't take anyone seriously when they tell me they would be wearing one of these bracelets if no one else was wearing one. When I had my yellow bracelet I couldn't tell you that, so I got rid of it. I have to admit, the biggest reason that the band looked attractive in the first place was the fact that everyone else seemed to have them, especially celebrities. This is simply a trend, people care more about the color of the band on their wrist than the cause they are supporting. Before you go snatch up one of those bracelets tell me that you are not joining the band wagon, tell me that it isn't a trend for the "in" people in society. At first I thought, sporting the LIVESTRONG was a unique fashion statement, but the bare wrist is just so much harder to come by these days and so is originality.