Friday, March 07, 2008

Wyoming is Obama Country

It is hard to imagine huge political celebrities catering to the least populated state in the country, but it is happening. Barack Obama is holding a rally at the AA in Laramie tonight. Bill Clinton spoke yesterday. He was wearing cowboy boots and added he has been wearing them for three weeks. I have a tough time believing that, but either way, I would love to be in Laramie tonight. The atmosphere in that small college town has to be electric. Wyomingites don't get too much attention. They usually squirm under a scrutinizing eye, but if the limelight is temporary they will gobble it up. I am sure that is what they will be doing through Saturday.

And, it looks like Wyoming is Obama country. 15 of the 24 state (Democratic) legislators have endorsed him. The Laramie Boomerang has got the scoop.

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