Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still Complaining

17 weeks ago I wrote about going to get a haircut.

I quoted the hairdresser in this blog. She said this about the Starbucks I work at:

“I hate that store. They are dumb over there. I get Italian sodas at Starbucks all over, and when I try to order one there they say they don’t have them. They want you to buy one of the Pellegrino waters and then they say they can mix it up for you. It always tastes like crap. I just want an Italian soda.”

It had been a while since I was last at the barber shop. My hair was getting long.

The same lady cut my hair today, reminding me that I was last in there 17 weeks ago. She didn’t remember that, the computer did, and it recorded the time of my last visit and she saw it on the screen when I checked in. Unfortunately, she did remember that I work at Starbucks and I had to sit through complaints about customers, the way some people order their drinks, and how she doesn’t like anything on the menu at the real Starbucks stores. Luckily, it was a short haircut.

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