Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Afterthoughts: Obama's Wisconsin Victory

I’m pleased with Obama’s win last night. Most bloggers are saying there is no way she can spin this victory for Obama. Wisconsin was a state she had a legitimate chance at winning, but in recent weeks Obama has turned quite a few Clinton supporters in groups that he didn’t carry in previous states.

I was irritated again by Clinton’s speech last night. There was no acknowledgement of Obama’s victory or of the thousands of votes she did receive last night from Wisconsonites. She has every right to continue with her classic stump speech, but acknowledge the man. After all, you were friends before this and you will be friends after this. Can you not be friends during the race? Her recent attack ads in Wisconsin weren’t very friendly. I posted one of them here. Obama politely responded with one of his own, reminding her that they have already had 18 debates together. The 19th is coming to you on Thursday night.

As it looks now, Obama doesn’t stand a chance in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but the tide may be turning in Texas. For what it is worth Obama is getting endorsements in Texas, most recently from The Houston Chronicle.

Clinton’s clout still scares the hell out of me. Victory is still within her grasp. By winning Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania she could gain back a ton of momentum lost in Obama’s current ten-state winning streak.

The Guardian is reporting that the Obama campaign is urging Clinton to concede. I don’t think we have reached that point at all. The Obama campaign needs to keep a reign on that kind of wishful thinking or else it will spur up even more tension between the two candidates. I think it is obviously clear that the Clinton campaign isn’t going to back out anytime soon. She wants this too much and I can see it getting much nastier between the two of them before it gets any better, especially if she presses harder on seating the delegates from Michigan and Florida at the August convention in Denver. Also, this urging by the Obama campaign to concede because an Obama nomination is “inevitable” sounds a little arrogant at this point. If I was a superdelegate supporting Clinton and I heard this, it would probably solidify my vote for Clinton even more.

Though Clinton still stands a chance at victory, there is this sense that a Clinton sweep in two weeks isn’t inevitable anymore. Obama may not win the next batch of states, but he is definitely closing the gap.

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