Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comedy Central does the Bucks

First, The Daily Show...

Next, The Colbert Report...

Both bits had great moments. I loved The Daily Show's comments on Feist and douchebags on laptops. I don't hear much Feist anymore, but a lot of opera for some reason.

I loved Colbert's joke about Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full. Priceless. The day the Bucks introduced this album it played all day long in stores across the country, reminding us again and again that the Beatles were good and old Paul isn't. It is a horrible album.

There is one joke that I hear a lot. It has never really held much weight for me, even before I worked for the Bucks. The Daily Show used it. Whenever people act like they are ordering something at the Bucks they say something like, "Non-fat, grande, dry, latte, cappuccino, extra-hot, with two pumps of espresso." I don't find this all that amusing. Some people may not drink a lot of coffee, but one thing that isn't confusing is ordering at the Bucks unless people have a problem reading all printed menus in all restaurants. The menu is clear. There is no rush to order when in a Bucks. I wish people would take their time and read the board and actually figure out what they want. Just because the Bucks doesn't have value meals doesn't give patrons the right to be confused.

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