Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Morning After

Morning Folks.

I haven't checked any blogs yet to get a much more educated analysis of Super Tuesday. I'll get around to that. The TV isn't talking about politics right now either, just tornadoes and 45 people dead. Very sad.

I could have been in a very bad mood this morning. I am not. I am in a pretty good one because there is still a race for the Democratic nomination. A couple months ago there never was supposed to be one.

Now, Clinton edges Obama in delegates, but according to the media her lead is less than a hundred.

States she won:

New Jersey
New York

Obviously, New York and California are huge wins, but the Clintons are so entrenched in those two states that Obama never really stood a chance. However, given the Clinton's popularity in California, Obama did impressively close that gap a little bit, so that has got to be encouraging to his camp. So, she got eight states.

Obama won:

Colorado (yeah, that's my homeland)
Illinois (Clinton's real home state)
Missouri (by 1 percentage point)
New Mexico (not confirmed, but he is leading by 1 percentage point)
North Dakota

That's 14 states. She may have pulled in more delegates, but Obama had a very impressive night. He wasn't really expected to win in some western states like Colorado and New Mexico, but he power-bombed Hillary in Colorado. That was beautiful, not just because Obama won Colorado, but also because I just used a wrestling metaphor.

I'm not totally sure about this, but it looks like Obama won the states where either name wasn't necessarily a household name. Where the plain was level he pulled ahead. That is my impression of last night. A longer battle over each state falls into Obama's favor. And he is still riding a wave after last night.

Like a Clinton strategist said recently. It is hard enough running against a viable candidate, but running against a movement is a whole different story.

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