Thursday, February 07, 2008

Facebook Birthdays


According to Facebook my popularity has sharply declined over the years.

I joined Facebook in time for my 23rd birthday in 2006. I got 22 wall posts on that birthday from new friends and old friends. From old crushes in college to crushes long before that time. From friends I hadn't spoken to in months and maybe even years to friends that I talked to everyday. From teammates to roommates to my girlfriend. I'm sure there were some Facebook messages in there too. I'm telling you I was popular. I was someone people wanted to stay in touch with. I was an established veteran of a school, of a team, and of an online pseudo-friend community, Facebook.

In 2007 the number of Facebook happy birthday wall posts more than halved to 9 posts.

And in 2008 the number of Facebook happy birthday wall posts dropped to a measly 5.

I'm a little worried. At this rate I'll have only two or three friends next year that will say happy birthday to me the easy way, on Facebook.

The year after that I could have one...maybe. This is not good. Not good at all.

It is telling though. All my "Facebook friends", aka fake, electronicky friends, are slowly dying off because Facebook can't keep people together like real face-to-face, personal interaction can. Time is quickly stripping the electronic connection and friendship down to bare bone. That bone isn't very strong. It's crumbling. Such is the life of the Facebook friendship.

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