Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Defining Moment

Many moments from this weekend will never be forgotten. I don't have time to tell you about them all. However, I'll share with you this one.

After Megan and Brooklyn picked us up at the airport we started driving back to San Marcos. It was 3pm Pacific time. Kate and I had been up since 1:45am Pacific time so I suggested stopping for some caffeine at Starbucks. We did.

We got in. We ordered. While I was waiting for the drinks Kate picked Brooklyn up and held her for the first time. I came over with the drinks and watched.

After a bit I was ready to hold my niece for the first time. I took her in my arms. Cradled her. Loved on her. Tried to get her to smile. Her eyes enveloped me. She brought smiles. And when I looked up I noticed she brought tears, tears to my sister's eyes. I realized what a big moment this was. I was holding my sister's daughter for the first time. I didn't say anything. It was a huge moment for all of us and it was so beautiful because it was meaningful in different ways to each one of us.

No words were shared at all. The moment transcended description so I took a deep breath and looked at the women in front of me and the little girl in my lap and I was happy.

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