Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SoCal Visit List

Shamu’s got ups.

In-N-Out is no longer an obsession of mine. I have found their burgers and fries less than ideal for a couple years now. I am becoming more of an epicure and things that used to be great are just good or average now.

On the flights back to Milwaukee I officially went through all of my GRE vocab flashcards without missing a single word. There are 500 words in that box. I’ve been connected to that little box for a while now. At first it represented an almost insurmountable task, memorizing 500 words that I might not use in everyday conversation for the rest of my life. It then became a friend, a loyal sidekick of education. And now it’s my bitch, because I go through the box once a day and I know all of those words. We’re still friends though.

I slept miserably every single night. The Hoge crew has a hand-me-down double bed in the guestroom with an awful footboard on it that makes for difficult sleeping when you are over six feet tall. Kate got the bed. I lasted two nights on it before I opted for an air mattress.

It was warmer in Milwaukee yesterday (high of 74) than it was during any one of the days in San Diego.

The 57-degree water made me miss the 70-degree water of Florida beaches. However, I prefer the west coast.

I am so, so, so thankful I don’t have a kid. For Kate, the feeling is mutual. I was thankful for this exact reason before this trip, but I am even more thankful after spending a week out there. I am also more appreciative of and impressed by people that are good parents and people that actually want to have kids.

I still want to live on The Strand on Manhattan Beach. I think I could put up with people walking by everyday and gazing into my house. That’s what tinted windows are for. I wouldn’t mind a house like this.

Some people in California just have no clue of Lake Michigan’s size. No, you can’t see across the lake. Yes, you can surf its waves sometimes.

My sister is doing a great job of being a mother. Her job, her life, is this girl and that’s incredible devotion and love.

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Ferber said...

"And now it’s my bitch" Hilarious Bryce:)