Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Madness

I am currently on the overall leaderboard in ESPN’s bracket challenge. There were over five million brackets filled out at and somehow I’ve gotten lucky and correctly picked most of these games so far, but I don’t know, Cleveland State might be the death of me.

You may have believed me for a second. I am sorry about that. It just felt good to act like I was some big time basketball guru who doesn’t need to do all the analyzing and research. I just know the winners. In real life I am not on the leaderboard, but I have now broken into the top 850,000 at For a little bit I was just hovering around 3.5 million in the rankings and then Wisconsin, Siena, and Arizona won and I jumped up to 1.5 million-ish. When it is all said and done, I may be back down in the dumps after the final four, but the fact that I’ve even broken the top million after spending roughly sixty seconds filling out my bracket and with no research into any of the matchups, is a testament to the madness of the tournament. It is anybody’s game and that’s why this mayhem is so appealing to the masses with great or little investments in the outcome. 

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