Thursday, March 26, 2009

14,650 Yards

Collegiate swimming teams usually get a break of 2-3 weeks after the last meet of the season before they come back from spring training, which often lasts up until the week of finals in the spring semester. My team started swimming on Monday and I have decided to get in the water and swim the workouts with them during the spring.

I swam three times last week in order to sort of prepare for Monday. However, the most I did last week was 2400 yards. So, when Monday rolled around and the workout we gave them was 4750 yards, I was hurting, but I did it all. And the day after that I did 4950 yards. The day after that I did another 4950. I still have something left in the tank, but I can feel the lack of a base when I get in the water with our athletes. They make me feel slow and out of shape, but the desire to race is still there and each one of these workouts is chipping away at the months and years I’ve spent out of the pool since it used to be my home.

I exercise for my job. How lucky I am.

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