Monday, March 30, 2009

On The Cover II

My MxPx library is up to 246 songs. I’ve been listening to them for, well, ten years and running. One of the first albums I bought, On The Cover, is a little known cover album (if you aren’t an MxPx fan) of a wide variety of songs. From the beginning, it has been one of my favorites. There is no beating “Take On Me” by A-Ha. And I always was a sucker for “Drum Machine Joy” and “You Found Me.” So I was really excited to hear of MxPx’s On The Cover II. I picked it up last week and the songs are growing on me. The instantly recognizable hits are “I Will Follow”, “500 Miles”, and “Major Tom.” “Somebody to Love” and “Linda Linda” are also promising.

I’ve only listened through twice. I’m sure to find more songs I love, but if you are in the mood for punk rawk covers, you can’t go wrong with this album or it’s predecessor.

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