Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Many Pictures

We took 310 pictures/videos in California. Here are a few. If I ever upload the rest to flickr or another site I will let you know. We had a great trip. More on that later. For now, pictures.

Finally getting a picture of me holding Brooklyn on the last day we were there. 

Brooklyn on the Manhattan Beach pier. Kate got this one. A picture perfect girl.

We went to Sea World one day. It was awesome. I've got a lot of amazing pictures from the Shamu show and videos. I'll try to upload some in the future.

Brooklyn and her grandpa in La Jolla.

La Jolla, California.

I carried Brooklyn on my back during our afternoon in La Jolla. She loved it and was very well behaved...and not too heavy.


Jarrod Renaud said...

AH! La Jolla. Thats my place man. I've spent countless weekends down there. We're going down for a week in september. Can't wait.

u gotta grow the beard again. just started mine, about 3 weeks in.

i actually called you a bit ago, thanks for calling me back. j/k

Jarrod Renaud said...

let me know when you want a new header, and if you have specific ideas for one