Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bold = Praying for Obama outloud in church

Written January 25, 2009
A girl prayed for Obama this morning and thanked God for the new president. I thought this was brave of her. Even I, an Obama volunteer, cringed a little, but then I asked myself, why should I cringe? How did we let it get that bad in the church that people cringe when someone thanks God for this country’s new, democratic leader?

This is sad, but true. Words of thankfulness for a democrat in the Oval Office felt out of place this morning. The speaker took a risk by praying for Obama and thanking God for him. Some people in the pews might have felt uncomfortable and might have been offended. That’s okay. Plenty of people before have been offended by messages of exclusivity, intolerance and the dangers of some highlighted sins, i.e. homosexuality, gay marriage, and a vote that is pro-choice.

I want to see honesty and openness from the pulpit that highlights inclusiveness, love, scriptural discussion, debate and forgiveness. Open up the church to people with words. Break down old barriers. Don’t shut the doors. Don’t build up walls.

Voting against abortion is a prerequisite to sit in the pews every Sunday morning and so is a desire to constitutionally outlaw gay marriage or gay civil unions. To sit in the pews, one must not support stem-cell research. These ideas are rubbish, absolute drivel, handed down from generation to generation and I am thankful that this morning someone did their best to shatter them by simply praying for someone.

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Travis Wicklund said...

Amazing. This has been in my mind a lot the past two days. Enjoy Cali!