Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Sentences with GRE Vocab

The professor intended to abase me with her criticisms of my short story.

The pain abates as I swim more regularly.

At the last possible second, Cheney abdicated his position and the Veep’s residence became visible on Google Earth once again.

(The following sentence was the example given on the vocabulary card for aberrant.) Since he had been a steady, cheerful worker for many years, his fellow postal workers did not expect his aberrant burst of rage.

USA Swimming is holding Michael Phelps in abeyance for taking a hit off of that bong.

People thought he had abjured his Christian faith when they found out he voted for a Democrat.

He absconded from the sanctuary because the sermon was awful.

His appetite for cheese was abstemious to begin with, but he abstained from eating it throughout lent.

That man’s belly button is an abyss. I am sure his love for donuts resulted in an accretion of that gaping hole.

It was supposed to be the acme of cheese, but its acidulous finish made Bryce puke.

He adulterated everything he touched.

I had a smug look on my face as I advocated the vegetarian diet.

Aerie is a word that is commonly used as an answer in crossword puzzles.

After seeing his artwork, I was convinced he couldn’t have been a part of the aesthetic movement.

How could Bill’s love for Hillary not be affected?

Some are worried that Obama is seeking to aggrandize government.

His alacrity aided him in his Jeopardy victory.

My noise cancelling headphones helped to alleviate the incessant noise from your mouth.

He amalgamated the ingredients for his favorite cookies.

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