Wednesday, January 02, 2008

To Throw Off

This blog is an outlet for me. I shed a lot of feelings on here. These words lighten my load. One thing I am on here is incredibly honest. In speech I may avoid certain topics, but not on here. If I want to write it, I will most likely write it. However, I am getting better at thinking things over before I post. Just like there are things better left unsaid, there are things better left unwritten.

This is not one of those things…

Curse words. I have always sort of been fascinated with curse words. I had a very bad mouth back in grade school and middle school. I went through that stage that many of us go through; when I thought cursing was really cool. I thought if I could learn to be good at cursing, like they are in the movies, I could impress people or even make them laugh.

I grew out of that stage when I heard others cursing around me. They didn’t sound cool. They didn’t make me laugh or impress me with their ability to string a bunch of expletives together. Anyone can do it. Plus, they always sounded uneducated.

But there is an appreciation for curse words that I suppose may never leave me. For example, I will always appreciate the way gangsters curse in gangster movies like Goodfellas and The Departed. It is so believable. Everyone is doing it. And, by the end of the movie you are going to end up loving at least one character that has a mouth on him worse than any you have ever heard in person. That takes talent.

Timing is everything when it comes to a well placed curse word. It is best when no one is expecting, but you need talent to know when no one is expecting.

Curse words are filthy words, I guess. If I ever have a day, or a sentence for that matter, where I feel there was a surplus of curse words, I will feel pretty bad about it. I don’t want to be the person that curses a lot.

However, there are those rare instances though that creep up on you in life that couldn’t be described more beautifully by any other group of words.

Today, I find myself in one of those rare instances, and all I have to say about it is FUBAR.

Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

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