Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ice Cold New Hampshire

I'm not completely over last night. I think I'm a little queasy still from Hillary's victory speech. Luckily, The Daily Show just came on so I had to change the channel, but I have caught clips here and there on the news and blogs. I think, by now, I've seen the speech in its entirety.

I know it is just the New Hampshire primary, but I felt devastated last night. I didn't only feel that way because Hillary isn't my choice for President, but because she was the choice of so many other people. They are hopeful that Hillary could win the presidency. I can't blame them. You want to be hopeful about your candidate's actual chances, but if she wins the nomination, Hillary doesn't have a chance. Her polarizing power will be on full display November 4 and I think America will have squandered the opportunity to elect a unifying candidate.

The antidote for all this madness: Beer and Bowling with Kate and friends at my employer's store party.

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Jarrod Renaud said...

Wish me and Tess could have joined you guys for beer and bowling.