Monday, January 28, 2008

Shut Your Face...A Goonies Sequel

So, I sat down to write a little bit about No Country For Old Men because Kate and I saw it last week. I thought it would be cool to include a Goonies clip of Josh Brolin who plays Llewelyn Moss in No Country. Brolin played Brand Walsh, the hulked-up tightwad brother of Mikey Walsh, played by Sean Astin. Goonies is where Brolin got his start, but I haven't seen him in anything since then. However, according to his profile, the man has been busy, appearing in The Valley of Elah and American Gangster in 2007. I missed both.

I'll probably still post a clip of him as Brand Walsh if I find it, but the first video I found was this video of Brolin doing an interview and confirming some rumors about a Goonies sequel. Amazing. I hope Chunk does the Truffle Shuffle again.

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