Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MacGyver was born this day in 1950

Kate got a job offer to work beyond the end of her residency, in July, as a pharmacist.

We’re just halfway into our first year here. I think it was maybe too early to call it quits and give up on this place.

We have decided to stay a little longer and see what happens. I feel if we left in July I would be leaving behind untapped opportunity. So, there, I said it. I guess I still have some hope for the two of us and Milwaukee.

Colorado, or more importantly, what’s in Colorado and the west, will still be pulling my heart in that direction, come this time next year. Until then, our paths will cross, Kate and I will get to have more time together out here once she is done with her residency, and Wisconsin won’t be left untouched by us.

Aerial shot of Milwaukee provided by Bryce.

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