Sunday, January 27, 2008

The SC Victory

Another victory and another classy speech by Obama. He has had many reasons to defend himself in the past month, but he doesn't waste his time doing so here. He preaches a message of hope and unification. While I was watching this I was thinking of the last victory speech I watched, Clinton's in New Hampshire. Obama's speech is in stark contrast to hers. They are both thankful to the voters, but after a while Clinton just doesn't stop patting herself on the back. I can't shake the feeling that Clinton feels like America owes her The White House, like she is inheriting it or something. In his speeches, Obama is more like a great coach and motivator. He gets me really excited about politicians for a change, like I can go to battle with him. Weird, I know, but that's just how it is.

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Anonymous said...

Solid. Now we just need to get everyone in America to see this video. The great G.I. Joe once said knowing is half the battle. I am sure this video could shut up quite a few people and change them for the better. I will be talking to you soon bro.