Monday, January 21, 2008

The Pack was about to be back

If my Packer devotion were to be evaluated by a Cheese-head, I would probably get a failing grade. Still, even with my comparatively feeble enthusiasm for the Pack, last night’s game against the Giants was painful. The Packers had everything on their side, but played like victory was just going to come to them. Even if all the chips fall in a team’s favor like they did prior to this game, not to mention several times during the game, the team still needs to play the way that got them to the NFC Championship Game. The Packers didn’t. The second half was some of the most aggravating football to watch.


Then overtime. The Packers got even luckier by winning the toss. There was one last glimmer of hope until Favre threw it right into the hands of a Giants defender.

Bum deal. I’m surprised flags aren’t at half-mast today.

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