Sunday, November 02, 2008

Milwaukee's Weather in November

Milwaukee is reaching 60 degrees today. Monday is supposed to be 71. Tuesday 72. Wednesday 62. This is very nice weather for Milwaukee in November, but there is something looming on the horizon and the weatherman was so kind to remind me what that is this morning:

…High temperatures will be above average through Wednesday, with many high temperatures in the 60s in southern Wisconsin.

This is the second month in the early cold season in Milwaukee that has average monthly snowfall, and it jumps from four-tenths of an inch in October to 3.6 inches in November. Most of the snow comes in the last week of the month, generally after Thanksgiving. The average high temperature for Nov. 1 is 53 degrees and drops to 39 degrees by month’s end. We can still get warm temperatures during this month, as evidenced by the recorded warmest, 77 degrees on Nov. 2 in 1938. And it can get quite chilly during this month. The coldest temperature on record for Milwaukee in November was 14 degrees below zero, set on the 29th in 1875.

The average total precipitation for November is 2.70 inches and there are plenty of clouds on average. During this month, around 18 days of overcast skies are recorded on average each year in Milwaukee.

Well, sweet. We have an average of 3.6 inches of snow to look forward to this month. This number isn’t bad at all. I know Colorado and Wyoming both get more snow than this in November. The numbers that are really depressing are average temperature and cloudy days. I am not looking forward to the average temperature decreasing by 14 degrees from yesterday to the last day of November. And, to be reminded that an average of 18 overcast days in this month, today being one of them, makes me wish Milwaukee were somewhere else in this great country.

Obama 08! Do it.

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