Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Night Blogging

7pm - Pretty shocked that two networks have already called Pennsylvania for Obama. That is not a good sign for McCain and a very good sign for Obama. If Virginia goes to Obama, it is all over! Goodnight. The fat lady has sung. 

7:15pm - A CNN correspondent at the McCain celebration in Arizona says, "It is a much different mood here." Yeah, like a funeral.

7:25pm - It is going to be a long night. I'll be up. Feel free to call me. I've cracked open a Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. 

7:33pm - Breaking News, and only breaking here on this blog. McCain wins Wyoming. And things don't look good for an Obama victory in Virginia. Darn.

7:38pm - Voting is so incredibly easy in 48 states. What is with the people in Florida and Ohio?

7:48pm - I have TPM, Sullivan, The Guardian, and CNN up on the Internets and I am watching MSNBC. I am the best political team in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Sullivan says his "self-protective denial" might be breaking down. Mine isn't...yet. You will know when it does. I just shivered. I've got goosebumps. And Kate, poor Kate, she can't wait until this is all over. Although, she is much closer to being a political junky than she was 20 months ago when all this madness started.

8:05pm - Wisconsin for Obama. I'll toast to that. It is a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale right now.

8:18pm - Fox News calling Ohio for Obama. Big.

8:23pm - MSNBC calling Ohio for Obama. Self-protective denial is wearing very, very thin. And with that, Josh Marshall isn't live blogging anymore. He is "F--k Ya Blogging". Priceless.

8:31pm - New Mexico gets flipped, MSNBC calling it for Obama. Some spontaneous combustion going on on TV right now. The pundits are giddy at the possibility of a landslide. Huge crowds at Grant Park. Haven't had a shot of McCain's party for a while. 

8:43pm - Making me proud. From the NY Times front page map, Boulder County, Colorado. 21% in and 75% for Obama. Booyah. Milwaukee County with 1% in is 64% for Obama. The map at the NY Times is good and fast. Check it out.

8:50pm - Is the anticipation gone? Has Obama won already? If the calls are correct so far, how could McCain win?

8:59pm - Via TPM, the Rocky Mountain News calling Colorado for Obama. Well done, brethren. MSNBC just called Iowa for Obama. Zing. TOO CLOSE TO CALL IN MONTANA? Ultimately, I think it will go for McCain, but dang ole' shoot.

9:16pm - Imagine what it is like to lose an election. I don't know how people get over it. I don't know if I would. Uff da. 

9:23pm - The shots of Grant Park are extraordinary. I'm a little nervous about such a huge celebration. I hope people are smart and safe. I hope Obama is safe. Meanwhile in Arizona, it looks like a singalong for McCain fans.

9:39pm - Obama wins Albany County. Folks, Albany County is in Wyoming, home to the University of Wyoming. I don't see why the networks won't call the entire race for Obama once Florida, N.C., and Virginia have clear winners.

9:50pm - Fox calls Virginia for Obama. 10 minutes out from calling the whole race? Possibly. Tap the keg. Sullivan writes, "You drinking yet? Stupid question."

10:00pm - Called it for OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! I can't believe Americans just did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:18pm - Never a Jesse Jackson fan, but even on television his tears look legit. Oh, here comes McCain's concession. And seconds into his speech his supporters boo Obama. Seriously? Get out.

10:22pm - McCain getting very choked up during this good speech. Seriously, he sounded like he was on the verge of busting into a sob.

10:25pm - I know losing is tough. I can only imagine what McCain must feel. I feel sort of bad for him, but I need to emphasize, I don't feel bad for Palin. More boos, really? Who are these people?

10:52pm - I've had a long day. I want to go to bed, but will not budge from this machine and the television until I see the 44th!

10:57pm - The next first family. I see Obama, and I hear Schwarzenegger from Terminator 2, "I need a vacation."

11:12pm - No surprise here. Beautiful words from Obama, but what a night in Chicago. The crowd. The weather (not any different than Milwaukee today). It is still 59 degrees outside at this hour. 

11:19pm - I've said all I can say at this point. What a night. What a night. All is not wasted. Goodnight.

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