Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Feeling The Pinch

We are young and fortunate. We are decades away from retirement. People are always dying and getting sick so Kate has job security. As far as I know people are still choosing to go to college. To be clear, not enough of them are, but enough to provide me with some job security.

We don’t have an adjustable rate mortgage. We don’t have loans.

We eat well every night.

All this and we are constantly reminded that the value of 401Ks are plummeting and that there are people going to the food coop that used to donate to the food coop.

There is that little matter of the 20 measly shares I own of Starbucks. When I first bought them a share was $42, but I got a 15% discount. Now, a share is $8.25. The money I have in there is so small and inconsequential that it is mildly entertaining to me to check my portfolio status at Fidelity.

The economic turmoil isn’t hurting us; it is educating us. That’s the most it is doing at this point and for that I feel very lucky. I know I am not the only one out there. Right? The economy is in serious decline, but life goes on, like it always has. 

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