Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Donald Miller's Endorsement

I just voted at 9:30am (CST) and there was one person ahead of me, but a constant stream of voters in a very suburban community. Most people in Oak Creek are definitely at work during this hour, so the rush will start at 4pm and probably go up to poll closing time at 8pm.

The district I am in is traditionally right leaning. Obama didn’t win the Democratic primary here. Hillary was the victor, but I think there might be a chance of an Obama victory in this, one of the southern most districts in Milwaukee County. Without a doubt though, Milwaukee will go overwhelmingly for Obama.

I link to another endorsement of Barack Obama. This one comes to us from the Northwest, from Donald Miller. I have copied a couple of standout paragraphs below. Read the whole thing here if you haven’t done so already.

“Last year I vowed I wouldn’t make decisions out of fear. And because of that I’ve had one of the greatest years of my life. I went to Uganda and got to meet with the man who helped write their constitution. I wrapped up an evangelism project I believe will introduce more than a million people to the gospel. I rode my bike across America. All of this stuff took some degree of risk. But when calculating those risks, I realized the only reason not to try was fear. What if I was wrong, what if I couldn’t make it, what if the project didn’t work? But none of my heroes are controlled by fear. The commandment most often repeated in scripture, in fact, is “do not fear.” Fear is often something unrighteous trying to keep you from doing something good.

I voted for Barack Obama (we vote early in Oregon) because I think he is right on healthcare (his plan will allow 27 million more Americans, including young, pregnant mothers to be cared for) and he is right on responsible fatherhood. I voted for Barack Obama because he will keep George W. Bush’ Faith-based Partnerships Program in play, only increasing it’s funding. I voted for Barack Obama because he has the respect of world leaders, which will be necessary to deliberate an American agenda around the world, and I voted for Barack Obama because he had the judgment to oppose the war in Iraq. I’ve taken some blows from the conservative right on my stance, but, even in public debate against McCain representatives, have not been deterred. I will not be guilted, shamed or controlled. I am not going to vote for one candidate because I have been made to fear the other. I support Barack Obama because he has beat back the dark hour of cynicism and irrational fear, and provided hope to a country closing in on itself. I believe there are great days ahead.”

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Jarrod Renaud said...

yeah, i read that inteview yesterday. helped me out with my views, cause lately ive been feeling so judged.