Friday, October 31, 2008

Republican Party of Wisconsin Mailings

Although the latest Wisconsin poll shows McCain down 11 points here to Obama, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is blanketing Milwaukee with mailings. I received five of them yesterday.

Mailing 1 asks, “Who is Barack Obama?” When you open it up it is laid out like a newspaper. “Obama and His Friends” is featured at the top with pictures of Tony Rezko and Obama and Rezko’s house in the Hyde Park neighborhood. There are other questions posed on the mailing like “What has Obama done for Rezko?” This mailing tries to put Obama in a bad light by letting us know that one person he is loosely affiliated with got in trouble with the law. Couldn’t we all be attacked like this if we were running? I know someone in jail. We used to be friends. I think this person would have given me money back in the day if I were campaigning for office. Does this make me a bad person? And enough with this who is Barack Obama? bullshit. We know Obama as well as anybody else in the race. He has been appearing in public for 21 months, held countless interviews and press conferences and has had his whole life raked over with a fine toothed comb.

Mailing 2 features a quote from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “The fall of the satanic power of the United States has come…” Below that, “Barack Obama thinks he can appease this guy?” Let’s go to the dictionary. Appease – to pacify or placate (someone) by acceding to their demands. I wouldn’t be voting for Obama if this were his reason for talking to this nutter. However, some people, including the Republican Party of Wisconsin, confuse appease with pacify. Let’s go to the dictionary again. Pacify – to quell the anger, agitation, or excitement of. Well, I think that is exactly the reason Obama might be willing to meat with such nasty folks. At first I believe he would try to pacify the situation with words and face-to-face contact. If this fails, I believe Obama has the guts to pacify the situation with the use or threatened use of military force (the second definition of pacify).

Mailing 3 is too easy to rip apart. Featuring a quote from the esteemed Las Vegas Review-Journal, the mailing accuses Obama as being a “Recipe for Economic Disaster.” I am pretty sure we are in one now thanks to the Republican deregulation addicts. This isn’t Obama’s fault, and it won’t be his fault if he gets in the White House. It will be his responsibility to try to fix it. Fix it he might. I am much more willing to give him a shot at fixing it than I am about to give that shot to McCain.

Mailing 4 uses a quote from Ezra Klein: “Obama is that oddest of all creatures: a leader who’s never led.” You should Google Ezra Klein and find his blog. I haven’t seen the whole article that this quote was taken from, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Klein was somehow referring to the natural ability of some people’s leadership even though they technically haven’t been put in charge of anything yet. This describes Barack Obama and it doesn’t give me any doubts about putting him in the White House.

Mailing 5 unsuccessfully tries to tie Barack Obama to lobbyists. I don’t know, some people might be fooled by this if they haven’t been watching the news or reading the newspaper in the last couple of months. For a while there a new McCain staffer/advisor was having his/her lobbying history uncovered in headlines once a week. It says at the bottom, “Barack Obama. Not Who You Think He Is.” Might I add, this mailing and mailing four both feature unflattering pictures of Obama like he is constipated on the toilet. Push, man. Push. Only four days left.

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