Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Very Last First Time

I had to be one of the last people in my generation without an iPod. Not anymore. I just got my first iPod yesterday from early birthday present. She wanted me to be able to take it to Florida on Tuesday. I will. Can't wait.

I am joining the swim team in a beard off. So, today being the third day without shaving, I decided to take a picture of myself. If I remember, I'll take a picture of myself everyday to eventually make a video at the end so I can watch my beard grow like a chia pet commercial. That could be really funny looking. The beard off runs from January 1 to February 25. Many swimmers aren't competing in the beard off. Some just can't grow beards, but the guys that are in have a month head start on me. I don't expect to catch up by any means, but by February 25th I should have a decent covering. 

Deep thought...I am that guy in Starbucks with the Mac, but I am not writing poetry. 

1 comment:

mjonthemove said...

congrats on the new ipod. i still don't have one yet... someday.

are any guys with Macs in Starbucks writing poetry?