Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Finally went to see this movie yesterday after hearing nothing but praise for it. Slumdog is beautifully tragic. I went through a broad spectrum of emotions while watching the film, but what dominated my thoughts was the filth and depressing living conditions that much of India calls home. Needless to say, the movie works in the opposite way a commercial advertising India on TV would. It does not entice you away to spectacular landscapes and breathtaking architecture.

Slumdog seems to highlight the real India, showing us houses made of trash, people bathing in rancid waters and extremely disparaging lives. And somehow, from all of that, we get a story of hope and the chance at finding love in such a disgusting world which is brought to life onscreen with a wonderfully edited sequence featuring Indians, from all walks of life, vicariously living out that dream through a boy’s chance at winning 20,000,000 rupees on a TV game show.

Oscar winner or not, this movie is worth checking out. 

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