Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The other review I wasn't paid for

Opposite Cathedral Square, Jefferson Street is chockablock full of restaurants, most of them so narrow you can walk by two in a few strides. But don’t miss Mikey’s, an elegant eatery drenched in brick, brushed steel and neon blue d├ęcor, accompanied with leather chairs, a granite bar, and several plasma screens.

Although Mikey’s maintains a modern and welcoming environment with its accessibility and open air dining, don’t be fooled into thinking the menu is casual. Mikey’s isn’t one of those bars that dabbles in food. Food is their job and they do it very, very well. And just to be clear, the drink menu is impressive as well, featuring over 30 beers and 40 wines, including dessert port and sherry.

Increasingly popular at many restaurants, Mikey’s features comfort dishes with a twist like their Three Cheese Macaroni, made with Reggiano Parmigiano, Fontina and Brie cream. The “friends table” section of the menu features shareable portions that are all reasonably priced with only the Baby Back Trio over twenty dollars at $21.95, and enough for two. Couple a starter with one of these selections and you may not have room for one of the fabulous desserts.

Mikey’s also happens to be in a prime location for entertaining. September through May they feature live music on Thursdays at 9pm, and Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm. Also, on Thursdays from June to September they have special drink promotions during Jazz in the Park. On these summer nights be sure to reserve a table on the sidewalk so you can fully enjoy the Thursday night performance without being overwhelmed by interior music.

*Mikey's is legit. If I was allowed to be critical, I wouldn't have complained about anything.

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