Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leave it to them

As you may have heard by now, out of an “abundance of caution” Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office a second time to President Obama because one word was out of order in the original attempt by both men. Present for the second oath was a photographer (who has already released photos) and an important contingent of Obama’s staff. No big deal, right? Why not take the oath a second time just to be sure; even though it is merely a formality and by the time Obama took the oath at 12:05pm on January 20th he had already been the President of the United States for five minutes.

Yesterday, President Obama stated that his administration would usher in a new level of transparency to the highest office in the land. This meaning his staff will most likely not lose millions of emails, among other things, overnight. Anyway, I think this is a respectable goal, ushering in a new level of transparency.

Fox News, hearing of the private second oath and that the press corps wasn’t invited into the room to make a big deal out of it, was already criticizing the new president for his apparent lack of transparency. The dumb little blond, I can’t remember her name, said she can’t believe we (I guess by “we” she means the press, even though Fox was the only station with their panties in a bunch about this story this morning) are dealing with this kind of thing two days into the new administration that promised change and transparency.

I was not all that shocked, but it still pissed me off. I was wondering what kind of journalism Fox would be doing for the next four or eight years. Let’s hope they rise…a lot more…to the occasion.

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