Monday, January 19, 2009

As Seen on TV

Over lunch--some leftovers from P.F. Chang’s--I turned to MSNBC, knowing that they would be following Obama around, even if he were going to the bathroom. Sure enough, there was Obama greeting volunteers at a D.C. school, shaking hands and chatting for a couple of seconds with everyone in the room. Out of nowhere, comes this staffer that I met in Wisconsin. He was based in Chicago during the campaign and is close with the Obamas. He shakes Obama’s hand, talks for a little bit, hugs Michelle, and talks with her some, and then the Obamas move on. Clearly visible under his sport coat was a Wisconsin for Obama t-shirt. It was a little moment of pride for me and it was weird to actually recognize someone on TV greeting the future president.

Terribly excited for tomorrow.

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