Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 44th

11:39am - There are millions on the National Mall today cheering for change, cheering for history, and cheering for hope. Pretty sweet to see.

11:40am – First shot of Obama walking toward the door. I have never seen him look so serious. He looks solemn, but I guess he is just trying to change his countenance, trying to take in this moment, which is huge for many people, but impossible for us to imagine what it is like for him.

11:44am – Barack H. Obama introduced as the President-Elect. Start the crazy cheers and flag-waving.

11:51am – Rick Warren is rocking this prayer.

11:57am – 3 minutes away from the Oath of Office. On schedule.

11:58am – We have a new veep. The handicapped Wyoming Cowboy is out. Peace, Dick.

12:00pm – Does Star Wars really have to intrude on every moment in history? Of course it does, music composed by yours truly, John Williams. Sweet piece of music.

12:05pm – Here comes a black President of the United States of America. Wow, a little nervous. Jumping all over the place. Good Lord. Can’t blame the man. Update: Apparently the Chief Justice John Roberts made more errors in the oath than the President. Roberts chose to do the oath from memory and upon watching the moment a few more times it is evident that he forgot several words and his timing did seem off.

12:09pm - A 27 year-old crafted much of this speech, he is President Obama's main speechwriter. I'm glad to see Obama is getting these words out better than he did the oath. I cringed a couple of times during that.

12:38pm - That benediction was hilarious at the end, but appropriate. Lots of the blogs are saying Lowery stole the show with that prayer. Well, most of the pomp and circumstance is over, but something else has just begun. I am hopeful.


Jarrod Renaud said...

bummer im at work, cant watch the inog

Rachel said...

Cool pic!!