Friday, October 26, 2007

World Series : Game 2

The final score, 2-1, may not look that bad, but let’s face it, the pitching of Jimenez could have easily made it another 13-1 loss. The Rockies were lucky to avoid another trouncing at Fenway last night. Every time a Rockies pitcher walked someone to first I started to fear the worst, another 7-run inning, or something similarly atrocious. It didn’t happen. The Rocks were way lucky.

With that said, there was some considerable improvement on defense and a glimmer of hope that the Rockies are starting to calm down and get into the groove of things. I still think they can win the series. No joke. We are bound to see a lot more players on both teams go yard in the next three games, but I suspect the Rockies might find their fresh start in the World Series tomorrow night. Sometimes you just have to go back to before, back to Colorado, where you were at your best before you feel confident enough to bring your game back out into the world where it can really shine. Here’s to higher hopes in a much greater land tomorrow night.

Please, do we really have to have another boring East Coast dynasty? The Patriots are lame enough.

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