Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rocks, Badgers, Packers, and COWBOYS

Oh, bother. What to write right now?

I just had my first shift at the new Bucks. They do a lot of things differently at this store so I felt like a bit of a retard. Give me a week and I think I will be back to my old form.

Before Kate and I left for La Crosse I posted on how I wanted the Rockies, Badgers, Packers, and the Wyoming Cowboys to win over the weekend.

Now you know, of course, that the Rockies won. Amazing. People around here have been asking, "Are you a Rockies fan?"

I say, "I am now." Lets hope I can be for a few more days or weeks.

The Wisconsin Badgers, ranked 5th in the nation, lost to Illinois on Saturday. I have never been sort of close to a top 5 college football program. That was sort of exciting while it lasted, but the Badgers are no more. They will probably come back from it, but crack the top 5 again? I don't think so.

And the Packers. Well, I used to really dislike Favre, but since moving here I have observed so much love and appreciation for the guy that it is sort of contagious. And the season they had for the first four weeks, that was a thing of beauty. The loss to Chicago at home on Sunday night was not, but Favre has bounced back before. How can you not like the elderly professional that does interviews in a white tank-top, gray hair, and a salt and peppered beard? Total dude.

And the Cowboys? Oh, I would give anything to see a game there this season. They have another big game at home this Saturday against New Mexico. I don't know what they have in them this season, but I am pretty excited to see what it is.


Anonymous said...

How is it that Romo can throw 5 interceptions and still pull off a victory? Lucky bastard.

Jarrod Renaud said...

how do you stretch your blog out (content) Mine is compact and down the middle.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I feel so much better. I didn't have time to read it this morning, and so all I saw was Cowboys. My mind went to Dallas. I don't even know why I didn't make the real connection. I was starting to worry that you were joining a band wagon.