Sunday, October 21, 2007

F1 is done!

I think it is worth mentioning on here (only for my entertainment) that the Formula 1 season came to a close today. The last race, the Brazilian Grand Prix, was one of the more exciting finishes to a Formula 1 season in years.

Lewis Hamilton, a young British rookie, had the chance to become the youngest F1 champion in the history of the sport. Fernando Alonso, the two-time defending world champion, had a chance to extend his streak to three and overtake Hamilton's position at McLaren-Mercedes to return to being their number one driver.

Lastly, Kimi Raikonnen, the young Finn, who has for Ferrari attempted all season long to fill the very big shoes of 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher, had a chance to claim his first F1 title. He did, that's why they call him the Iceman.

The championship came down to the last race and all I could do was read about it because out here in Wisconsin you have to get digital cable to get the SPEED channel. It was a bit sad to sit this season out with all the excitement, but I don't plan on doing it again.

Congratulations to Kimi. Woo. Woo.

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