Tuesday, October 23, 2007

High on the Rockies

Time magazine really doesn't do sports...at all. So, when they do, it is sort of a big deal. I finished reading last week's issue early yesterday morning when I was having fun with insomnia. Guess who got a two-page spread? Yep, the Rockies. It was a good article, and a nice slice of home in the middle of the madness and boredom that is often Time magazine.

As I pay more and more attention to the media run-up to the World Series I am catching a little bit of an attitude from a lot of broadcasters that think the Mile High Magic is about to come to a quick, ugly end. Some idiot on Milwaukee's ESPN Radio station said yesterday about the Rockies, "they won't last more than five games." He obviously doesn't believe in their potential, but I am sure at some point he believed in the Brewers potential until they had a Met-like collapse in August and gave up their playoff spot to the Cubs. Tough luck, loser. Hey, at least the Brewers beat the Padres and gave us a one-game playoff.

Anyway, whether you like Cinderella teams or not, the Rockies can in no way just be swept away now. They have proven again and again in the last month that they don't read their own headlines. They buckle down, play the game, and take names. I suspect that's what they'll do come tomorrow night. Let the games begin.


Rachel said...

They play pretty much the best defense MLB baseball has ever seen....

Erik Haagenson said...

When you said 'taking names' I got the urge to punch someone. Hell ya, Rockies.