Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Void

Some days I just expect to be full of words.

The muse seems to be lacking the last couple of days. This happens regularly, and yet I get so bummed out whenever it does.

I might be unknowingly exhausting my writing capacity by thinking every minute about writing next month. Really. It has been on my mind all the time. This isn’t good. I hope to not think about it for another month. I’m not even going to write down an outline. I am going to write, thus ensuring even more that my novel, or whatever it will be, will be awesomely bad.

I start at the Bucks on Monday. One good thing: I got my old rate back.

Kate and I are going to La Crosse, Wisconsin on Friday to visit her Grandma for the weekend. Kate tells me it is a pretty drive. It should be with all the color going on around here now that it’s fall. I'm excited to go somewhere again.

I am looking forward to having a tighter leash on my free time. I think my productivity will increase.

On my profile at nanowrimo I listed Iron and Wine as my favorite music to listen to while writing.

I just created a flickr page. Here is the address:


Rachel said...

Congrats about the old rate. :) You are a man with a plan.

Jarrod Renaud said...

what kind of camera do you have? chicago looks awesome.