Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing Dirty

"Just unacceptable defense, tripping guys and playing unsportsmanlike basketball."

I have to agree with Phil Jackson on this one. Check out the video. Jones clearly trips Kobe Bryant. There’s no doubt about it. In game three, Kobe scorched Jones on another play and Jones ended up shoving Kobe from the back with both hands.

I am happy the Nuggets won, but don’t make it hard for me to like you, Denver. Keep it cleaner than the Bad Boys. You don’t want to associate yourself with Bill Laimbeer.

After a beating like last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if even the finicky Lakers route the Nuggets in L.A. I feel a beat down just around the corner, but we’ll see which Lakers team shows up. I don’t see Kobe alone carrying the Lakers on his back through this series. 

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