Sunday, May 24, 2009

NBA Playoffs 2: Magic and Nuggets

First of all, is it me, or is the Orlando Magic the most boring playoff team to watch? I’ve never been impressed by their basketball, but somehow they continue to get the job done. They are sort of like a virus that is hanging around a lot longer than expected. No matter the medication (the experience of the Celtics or Lebron James), they just aren’t going away. I hope the cure is found very quickly. The game tonight is quite painful to watch.

Second, no matter how painful tonight’s game is, it couldn’t match the awfulness of the Denver Nuggets’ performance last night against the Lakers. Possession after possession, the Nuggets thought their 3-pt shot percentage was magically ten times higher than it really was, and they would throw up another shot beyond the arc without passing the ball more than once. What is the good of hitting a three at the buzzer and then getting a technical for taunting a Laker. Play after play, nothing but stupidity, especially throughout the fourth quarter.

Third, learn a damn inbounds play you freaking retards.

Fourth, I like the Lakers. Always have. But I have to root for the Nuggets out of principle. However, the Nuggets need to kick it up a notch. At no point did they deserve to win last night. I can’t feel bad for them if nothing changes.

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