Saturday, May 09, 2009

From Maxima to Maxima

We found this on Wednesday. We looked at a couple other sedans and quite a few SUVs, but decided an SUV is just a bit too much car for us. So, we bought this 2006 Maxima yesterday. 

Pretty big deal, buying a car for the first time. We were both quite nervous, but really excited to get the keys and drive this home. I just drove it to the supermarket this morning to buy some Fat Tire and 1554 (more on this later) and even that was thrilling. It made me want to go on a road trip. 

My old Maxima had 190 horsepower. I didn't think it was a slow car by any means. Actually, up till the last day I drove it I felt like it could take on most other cars on the road. It probably could. Lord knows I tried a few times. Take the 1996 Maxima's engine and throw in another 75 horsepower and you get our new Maxima. With 265 hp under the hood it is going to take a little time to get used to the jumpiness of the car because the lightest tap might send the car surging forward. When you feel that surge it is hard to take your foot off the pedal. You want more. You don't want to ease off.

Maximas make you want to do a lot of silly things. One reason we got another.

We took her out for a photo shoot last night even though the light wasn't great. 

They aren't chrome, but they'll do.

One of the very happy owners.


jarrod renaud said...

ha! congrats man! you still have the other one though? right?

jarrod renaud said...

ahhhhh, nevermind, just saw your other post. dude, i feel you man. im sad you lost that car. the rims bro. the rims made me soo happy when i was putting in a close at the 'bucks and would see those shiny rims roll up. the memories.