Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming out of my speakers

I never blog about music. (Just a note, Word doesn’t recognize ‘blog’ as a verb. If I rewrite the first sentence of this blog and use ‘write’ instead of ‘blog’ it isn’t underlined.) Moving on.

I think I have mentioned before how I rely on people to find new, good music for me. That sounds odd, but I don’t assign tasks to random music lovers to report back with the top 20 albums of the year or something like that. However, sometimes people just do that sort of thing because they are much more into music, concerts, and are musically talented and whatnot. Fortunately enough for me (I really needed some new bands to explore), a fellow Milwaukeean made a list of his top 20 albums in 2008. The full list can be found at his blog here.

I thought it was a stellar list and I am particularly enjoying Fleet Foxes, Elbow, Nada Surf and F@!k Buttons. Short story about F@!k Buttons. That’s not their real name. You probably have interpreted the ‘@’ and the ‘!’ already, but I didn’t. I just saw Folk Buttons and searched all over and on iTunes for a band called Folk Buttons. Apparently, I am somewhat dyslexic. Their name is Fuck Buttons and they make noise that iTunes classifies as Electronic.

Continuing with the new music theme, I wanted to tell you that most of Starbucks’ free iTunes song of the week cards really disappoint. If you don’t know about these cards, they are found near the registers in Starbucks every day of the week. The cards change on Monday I think. Not too sure. Finding a good song that they are giving away for free is definitely a crapshoot, but there was a really good one a couple weeks ago. The artist is Jennifer O’Connor. The song is Always In Your Mind.

So, if you aren't already listening to the aforementioned groups and artists and you are looking for something new, check them out.

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mjonthemove said...

Hey Bryce!
Thanks for shout out. I think you picked some of the best ones off the list.

Here are a few other bands I just found:
MGMT, Ra Ra Riot.