Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Movie Endorsements

Not much time to blog right now, but I’ve been meaning to write about a few movies I’ve seen recently that were quite good. Instead of reviewing them at any length, I am just going to list some good ones and some not so good ones and a sentence or two about each.

I endorse:

The Descendants - Dark, sad, but at times funny and George Clooney does a great job.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – A great film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s book one of the Millennium trilogy. There are three rape scenes, two that go on for a very long time. It was easier for me to read than to watch these. If you can’t handle it, don’t go, but I would say this adaptation is much better than the Swedish version.

Bill Cunningham New York – A documentary. I’m not really into fashion, but this movie really must be seen to be believed. Bill Cunningham is crazy motivated and extremely good at what he does. This is a fascinating look into an extraordinary life and career. (On Netflix instant watch.)

Another Earth – Great acting and a sci-fi element that keeps things mysterious. It’s also quite sad in a way, thus continuing the theme through other movies already listed.

Downfall – A German movie with subtitles about Hitler’s last 12 days in his bunker in Berlin, but the movie focuses on those living with Hitler in the bunker and the citizens of Berlin as well. I highly recommend it if you love historical movies. (On Netflix instant watch.)

Sophie Scholl – Another German movie with subtitles about activists taking a stand against the Nazi cause. It is inspiring, but there are no happy endings here.


Blue Valentine – The 2011 movie that got so much buzz. Or maybe it was 2010? It doesn’t matter. Avoid this like curdled milk. It’s about a very shitty marriage and nothing ends well and this marriage didn’t even get off to a good start.

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes – This should have been obvious to me. There’s never been a good planet of the Apes movie. Never. I don’t know why this one got my attention for so long. I blame it on the trailer. The trailer for this movie was exceptional. The movie, however, was a cheese-ball disaster.


Rachel Larson said...

I agree to all but the last one! I loved it!! However, all the rest are shit, you are right. :)

Erik said...

Definitely going to check out all the ones on Netflix. I actually liked Blue Valentine. It made me really, really sad.