Friday, August 28, 2009


When I was applying to be a freelance writer for The Onion I thought I wasn’t going to tell anyone about my application so I wouldn’t have to field questions later on about the success of the application, etc. I didn’t hold to that plan. I ended up telling quite a few people about my application because I felt good about it. After spending a week coming up with all sorts of ideas I thought I had developed a strong list of story ideas and a strong script. I submitted the requested materials and waited.

I got the official rejection letter, or rather, rejection email, about a month ago. I just thought I’d share that here. Some of you have been asking about my application. Others, I know, have just assumed that it wasn’t a success because I would have found out by now and had it been a success I probably would have immediately shared that on this blog.

So, they didn’t like me this time around, but I already contacted them letting them know I am interested in re-applying, which is recognized as a good thing to do because of the competitive nature of the position. They will email me when they are again accepting submissions for freelance writers.

I’ll be waiting.

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