Saturday, August 01, 2009

Phelps beats Cavic in 100m fly at Worlds

There was no need for super slow motion cameras. Michael Phelps clearly got to the wall first, .13 seconds ahead of Milorad Cavic. Cavic had been talking the race up and casually mentioning that he didn't lose the now infamous 100m fly swim in last year's Olympics in Beijing. Phelps probably didn't need that extra motivation, but why not?

Honestly, I didn't necessarily doubt Phelps in this race, but Cavic was looking way too strong. His first 50 in the semifinals would have put him on the podium for the 50m fly. At the 50 mark in this race, Cavic had a substantial lead, but not enough, apparently. Phelps started surging forward with 12.5 meters left and by the last couple meters of the race it was evident, to the trained eye, that Phelps had this one in the bag.

This race, just as much as the races in Beijing, was testament to Phelps' superiority and amazing hatred of even coming in second. And he wasn't even wearing one of those suits that make you float. I loved that Phelps pulled the suit out after the finish like basketball players flick their jersey forward.

Speedo. USA. Phelps.


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