Saturday, August 22, 2009

If I had Twitter: omg! AC Slater hosts ABDC...rofl!

I’ll start with this: I am guilty of exuding self-importance on some level because I have a blog. I can confidently say, however, that the content of this blog is, for the most part, a lesson in humility compared to most of what can be found on Twitter.

I am not on Twitter. I don’t follow anyone, but I recently learned that one of my co-workers is on Twitter. Out of curiosity, I found his Twitter page and read down through his most recent tweets. I saw on his Twitter page’s sidebar a list of people who he was following on Twitter. I just wanted to get a taste of what these people—many of them the celebrity-swimmer type—were tweeting about. I took a look around and my suspicions were confirmed.

Twitter is moronic. How could it not be? Just read some of the tweets below. Twitter is the absolute perfect engine to run on our narcissism.

Keep in mind that all of the following tweets are copied word for word from the respective pages of the following Twitterers. Is that a word? Any typos, shorthand, and abbreviations are original.

From Dara Torres: Spin class, now hangn at the Coffee Grinder bout 2 get a toastd bagel w/ butter & cream cheese & chai tea

From Lance Armstrong: Up early drinking coffee and checking emails. Planning some cool events for this winter.

From G_WeberGale [stud swimmer, my addition]: hate how much Italians smoke…left Disco because I could barely breathe…get outta my face

From Katie Hoff [this is my personal favorite]: ugggghhhh!! [sic]

From Amanda Beard: I love Saturdays! Going to see District 9 today

From Michael Jordan: I think I might go out and buy a nice hat today.

From Me (if I had a Twitter account): We are screwed. We are all screwed.

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jarrod renaud said...

its good for artists who want to promote themselves. i use tweetdeck and can search other graphic artists, polaroid enthusiasts, blah blah blah. anyways. i dont subscribe to any celebrities except for Will Ferell because he is hilarious on there... although his account was deleated by twitter because of some offensiveness:)