Thursday, December 13, 2007

She will advise Him

I watched the Republican debate yesterday. As always, it was spirited, full of personal attacks, and only when the candidates were defending themselves did they mention why America might want to elect them as this country's next leader. When you get those nine on the stage there is bound to be some name calling. It's not classy, it's not really what I want the next Pres. to be doing, but it is definitely funny by this point.

How many times can Romney defend his stance on abortion? How many times can Romney and Giuliani go back and forth about their records on immigration and crime fighting? I must be way out of the loop too, because I had never seen Alan Keyes. I hope I never hear that man talk again in a public forum.

I am getting way sidetracked here. Andrew Sullivan links to the best part of the Democrat's debate today. I share it with you. Obama smoothly strikes back at Hillary's cackle.


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